• Akuma Prayer Bead Necklace: Natural


    This is a visually stunning, handcrafted, replica necklace of the one worn by the legendary "Akuma" aka "Gouki", from the "Street Fighter"* series.

    The necklace is constructed of 30mm large, lead free, round 100% wooden, beads. The string is made of durable, woven hemp, to add to the simplistic design.

    Each bead is stained in a realistic, natural, burly finish; with every wood grain accentuated and clearly visible. Each bead brings an uncanny amount of realism, to not only match the color of "Akuma's" Prayer Bead Necklace, but also to give an extra touch of style and flair. All while showcasing the type of wood used in traditional prayer bead necklaces; bayong wood . 

    Each necklace holds either 24 or 46 beads and measures in length at around 28" to 56". All necklaces are meant to be worn and should have a hanging appearance of a 22" to 24" for the traditional necklace and a full body 50" to 52" hanging appearance for our Shaolin Style

    Add to your fan made "Street Fighter"* collection or accent any room in your home, with this amazing piece of handcrafted art.

    EXCLUSIVELY from "Eruditium"

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    Optional Engraving

    Akuma's signature "Heavens" kanji symbol can be engraved on your necklace at no extra charge! Simply select the option in the dropdown box above. Want to upgrade to Shin Akuma level? Select the option for only $4.50 more in the dropdown box above.

    Would you like additonal engravings? Contact us, telling us what you'd like to have engraved on your necklace. 

    *Additional fees apply. Invoices for custom work will be sent to the email address you provide. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours of receipt, in order to begin work on your custom necklace. If they are not paid within this time, your necklace will ship out to you as it was originally ordered, without any customization. 

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    Additional Engraving Prices: 

    1 - 4 Beads: $4.50 per bead

    5 - 9 Beads: $4.25 per bead

    10 - 14 Beads: $4.00 per bead

    15+ Beads: $3.75 per bead

    Please note, engravings are one-sided. Double-sided engraving is available by request; each side counts as one bead.

    Character/Kanji size must be at least 16mm. English words or names cannot exceed 24 characters. Each english character will be placed on a separate bead, unless otherwise specified by the buyer. Kanji symbols are available for engraving and can be used as an alternative to english words. All engraving is done by hand, which may cause necklaces to take an additional day to ship.

    Engraved necklaces are non-refundable.

    Returns are accepted for non-engraved/customized necklaces. Return shipping is paid for by the buyer.

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    *Eruditium and its products have no affiliation with Capcom or any of its "Street Fighter" characters.

    *Wood hues may differ slightly. Differing viewing devices may show show differing color contrasts. Any cosmetic blemishes, such as cracks or small holes, are due to a heating process and will not compromise the structural integrity of the necklace. These are normal and help add to the weathered, rustic appearance. So don't worry, your necklace isn't damaged.

    * "Reinforced string" adds an extra layer of durability to your necklace, but does not make it indestructible. Please treat your necklace with care. Please note, necklaces are meant to be worn. Intentional misuse could result in damage, harm and/or injury. 

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