• Doodle My "D" (NSFW)

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    Doodle My "D" (NSFW):

    An artistic redesign of the "Dick Pic"

    Finally, dick pics people might not mind receiving! We've sought out to make "dick pics" a little more fun and a tad more "interesting."  With "Doodle My D, we'll "artistically, semi-censor" your personal dick pic with colorful and creative illustrations. It makes for a fun and humorous private gift, for either yourself or a (consenting) special someone. 

    All delivered in high res, digital detail. Completely confidential!

    Please keep in mind, you must be of legal age (18+) to submit your picture for artistic rendering.

    How to start:

    1. Specify your hobbies. This will help us make your picture a tad more personalized. 
    2. Be of legal age. +18
    3. Place your order, then reply to your confirmation email with your attached "picture".


    1. No illegal acts. That means no drugs, underage individuals (+18 only), violence, unwilling/unknowing participants, lewd acts, animals, gore or criminal activity.
    2. No "revenge porn submissions". You must be the owner of your picture. No other individuals may be present in your photo.
    3. Specify if you want your picture public or private prior to checkout. All rendered pictures are the property of the artist after the artwork has been completed, however only those marked as "public" are permitted to be shared and showcased in the gallery.
    4. Give us time. We receive a fair amount of requests and the work is all custom. Your art work may take anywhere between 1 -3 weeks. 
    5. All sales are final

    Legal Notice:

    Please be aware that by using this service, you are permitting your phallic pictures to be viewed and used as outlined above, unless specified otherwise. You are also confirming you are of legal age. This service is voluntary and we assume no liability for any photos submitted under false pretenses. We retain the right to deny work on any order we feel violates our guidelines. Sending unsolicited "dick pics" is NOT ok, so please be responsible. Know your audience!