• Sir Richard's Condoms (12 Pk Case)


    Sir Richard’s makes the world’s finest condoms. Each of our all-natural latex products is free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and petrochemicals. They are Vegan certified, PETA approved with minimal latex odor.

    Ultra Thin :

    As strong as out other condoms but so sheer it allows for supreme sensitivity and pleasure beyond compare. 

    Classic Ribbed :

    A traditional design, ideal for any traditional or untraditional plans you might have. Trust the classis, it won’t disappoint.

    Pleasure Dots :

    You and hundreds of dots working toward one, mutually beneficial goal. Excite and stimulate for the ultimate experience.

    Collection Pack : 

    For those of you who like a bit of variety or have trouble committing, our collection is an offering of our three finest condoms.

    4 Ultra Thin
    4 Classic Ribbed
    4 Pleasure Dots

    Extra Large Condoms :

    A condom specially designed to suit the needs of the well endowed. You know who you are and we salute you.

    We utilize numerous tests to ensure your safety and a number of more enjoyable tests to ensure your pleasure so enjoy them confidently.