How We Got Started

We started our company back in November of 2012, with a simple goal in mind; introduce eCommerce shoppers to new and fashionable, eco-friendly products . We wanted going green to be cool and rewarding, not just the right thing to do. We're continuing our mission by partnering with even more eco-partners and introducing new and unique products. One unique product in particular, is our now world famous Akuma Prayer Bead Necklace. 

Our offers are always growing and we're always looking to help influence positive change. This is why many of our products focus on an eco-conscious, pay-it-forward model. For instance, with our Impakt Bracelets, a portion of the proceeds go to a charitable cause of your choosing. We want to influence positive change, while still offering great and affordable products. That's what we stand for. That's Eruditium.

Why The Name and Why Purple?

Eruditium is a derivative of the word Erudite, which means a scholarly individual; wise. We thought it was a perfect fit. We cater to the savvy (wise) shopper by offering unique eco-friendly products at great prices. Products derived from nature and "elements" of a heightened level of reasoning, fused together to form a new element; Eruditium.
Why purple? In color psychology, purple is often the color associated with wisdom and good judgement. It's also, a very rare, naturally occurring color in nature. See? It all comes together.

How do you pronounce Eruditium?

Air-ruh-dye-tee-umm. Simple right?

"Fictional Facts"

Eruditium:  rarest metaloid element on earth, closely related to the platinum family;  purple by nature, with hints of platinum metallic tones;  It contains a unique reactive molecular structure, not found in any other element on earth.  It's properties allow it to bond to and/or reconfigure the molecular structure of other elements. 
When organisms, with complex central nervous systems, are in direct proximity of Eruditium wave lengths, the organism's synaptic transmissions are temporarily increased. 
Exposure to Eruditium has been shown to lead to increased brain activity; heightened cognitive reasoning and awareness.