Good Faith Efforts

We here at Eruditium are devoted to being as eco-conscious as possible. Not only through the products we sell, but also through charitable donations to nonprofit organizations. Eruditium seeks to contribute to organizations who want to see the same brighter greener future we do. So when you buy from us, not only are you buying a great product, you're also contributing to a good cause. Win-win right? Take a look at some of the organizations we like to contribute to.

American Indian Foundation - A 65 year old single mission public foundation dedicated to the restoration of america's national forests.

Develop Africa - Working to establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa. 

Cielito Lindo Ranch - Researching, developing, and testing ways to live sustainably, to then share them through online classes, downloads and workshops.

The TerraMar Project - The mission: to create a global ocean community to give a voice to the least protected, most ignored part of our planet - the high seas.

The Nature Conservancy - The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.