• Dragon Vein Agate - Impakt Bracelet™


    Dragon Vein Agate - Impakt Bracelet™

    The Dragon Vein Agate Impakt Bracelet™ begins with a strong and eye catching Amethyst bead. It's the "Dragon Vein" Dark Agate beads however, that make this bracelet really stand out. Frosty Grey with hues of blue; accented with fractal swirls and veins of white. This particular bracelet is unlike any other. The natural occurring efflorescence, reacts to your body's moisture and temperature, turning the stones from a frosty grey, to a stone black. As a highly abstract statement of fashion, this bracelet will be sure to catch several glances. The Dragon Vein Agate Impakt Bracelet™ brings with it, a look of courage, polish and power. Finishing the bracelet is an eye catching, signature accent bead; in either pewter, silver or gold.


    Small - 9mm x 10mm x 18 beads:

    Small for Women/ XS to Small for Men

    Circumference: 15.07cm or 5.9~"

    Medium - 9mm x 10mm x 20 beads:  

    Average to Large for Women/ Average for Men

    Circumference: 16.33cm or 6.43~"

    Large - 9mm x 10mm x 22 beads:

    Large to XL for Women/ Large for Men

    Circumference: 18.79cm or 7.40~"

    XL - 9mm x 10mm x 24 beads:

    XL to 2XL for Women/ XL for Men

    Circumference: 19.93cm or 7.85~"

    (Elastic stretch-cord used. Bracelets stretch up to 1.5x their size.)

    Tip: Measure your wrist around with measuring tape. 

    Impakt Focus

    With every purchase of an Impakt Bracelet™, 10% of the proceeds go to a charitable cause of your choice. We narrowed the selection to 5 key areas of focus; The Environment, Education, Cancer, Hunger and Humanity. Your purchase makes an "Impakt"! 

    Accent Beads:

    Tektite Pewter - The Tektite Pewter is a carefully crafted, solid pewter bead, that bares our signature Impakt Bracelet™ logo. It's color resembles that of a cooled, metallic, tektite creation.

    Celestial Silver - Accented in a bright metallic, sterling silver plated finish, The Celestial Silver bead bares our signature Impakt Bracelet™ logo, while resembling a bright metallic, orbiting asteroid. 

    Bolide Gold - Accented in a bright metallic, 18K gold plated finish. The Bolide Gold bead bares our signature Impakt Bracelet™ logo, while resembling an explosively bright, burning meteor.

     "Linx" Orb - Accented in a silver finish. The "Linx" Orb bead is the result of harnessing a raw material and forging it into something greater than itself. Made to resemble the links of a chain; the Linx symbolizes being connected, being unified and being stronger; together.

    Harmony Orb - Accented in a bright metallic, gold finish. The Harmony Orb is the result of strong bonds; coming together in a united effort; combining our strengths and focusing them on a common goal, to achieve a beautiful, peaceful outcome.


    *Because our bracelets are made of natural gemstone and lava rock, each bracelet will be unique and stones may have slight imperfections and variances. Elastic Stretch-Cord used for stringing.

    Small objects may present a choking hazard. Please keep out of reach of infants, small children, and pets