• Magma - Impakt Bracelet™


    Magma - Impakt Bracelet™

    The Magma Impakt Bracelet™ is a commanding combination of genuine Lava Stone and fiery red Crimson Agate. The volcanic presence can be felt right away with this molten magma color palette. The pairing of porous Lava Stones with deep red Crimson Agate, is what ignites and erupts forth the powerful and fierce; Magma Impakt Bracelet™. This bracelet represents foundation, strength and vigor. Adjoining these two elements, is our signature accent bead, in "Bolide Gold."


    Small - 10mm x 17 beads:

    Small for Women/ XS to Small for Men

    Circumference: 15.07cm or 5.9~"

    Medium - 10mm x 19 beads:  

    Average to Large for Women/ Average for Men

    Circumference: 16.33cm or 6.43~"

    Large - 10mm x 21 beads:

    Large to XL for Women/ Large for Men

    Circumference: 18.79cm or 7.40~"

    XL - 10mm x 23 beads:

    XL to 2XL for Women/ XL for Men

    Circumference: 19.93cm or 7.85~"

    (Elastic stretch-cord used. Bracelets stretch up to 1.5x their size.) 

    Tip: Measure your wrist around with measuring tape.


    Impakt Focus

    With every purchase of an Impakt Bracelet™, 10% of the proceeds go to a charitable cause of your choice. We narrowed the selection to 5 key areas of focus; The Environment, Education, Cancer, Hunger and Humanity. Your purchase makes an "Impakt"!

    *Because our bracelets are made of natural gemstone and lava rock, each bracelet will be unique and stones may have slight imperfections and variances. Elastic Stretch-Cord used for stringing.

    Small objects may present a choking hazard. Please keep out of reach of infants, small children, and pets